Monday, November 11, 2013

-14° F AT LAST

Now that the Official Weather of Canada has begun, masochistic parents can relax — and then un-relax and pray that the lad remembers his layers and layers of costly apparel and fine-twined linens (they’d better be pretty danged fine-twined, I’ll tell you what...).
Hello friends!

I’m glad you’re reading this! If you are, it probably means you care a little bit about me, which is nice. I guess you could be an enemy doing some fact-finding in an attempt to find the best way to destroy me, in which case I applaud you for being so thorough.

This week was good! The temperature continues to plummet. So far, the coldest I’ve seen has been -25 degrees Celsius [-14° F]. And it really only gets worse. People say that January is the coldest, and we've still got a while before we hit that.

The work is going well. We’ve been meeting with a former investigator named Andrea, and she’s progressing fabulously. She’s from Jamaica, and she has three kids. We had a fantastic lesson with her this week, and she’s now on date to be baptized! We’re looking forward to it and hoping that she stays committed.

It would appear that my time in Peace River is drawing to a close. Average time in an area is four transfers (roughly six months) and I’m coming to the end of my fourth here. Obviously, I’ll be where the Lord wants me to be, and if that means I stay in Peace River for another transfer, that’s where I’ll gladly stay. That being said, I’ll also gladly go. Really, whatever happens I’ll be happy with. Elder Murray and I get along great, so I’ll be sad to leave him. (We should be finishing up our antler knives today, so you could say I’m pretty excited.)

This week was a blur. We’re still able to do some service, even though it’s negative freezing outside. Elder Murray and I lament daily the fact that A) missionaries can’t grow beards, and B) he and I can’t physically grow beards. It’d be such an effective combatant against the cold. Alas.

Well, thank you all for reading (even if you are an enemy), and go ahead and write if you feel so inclined!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb
Yep, that’s our boy.

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Monday, November 4, 2013


It’s November 4 — five months into Livin’ La Vida Canadian — and we’re just now getting into the possibility of a chill in the Albertan air. (Not that we’ve been obsessing over it....)

The lad laments the differences in Hallowe’en celebrations — not the least of which was the overabundance of the pseudo-hilarious greeting “Great costumes! Mormon missionaries, right?” Who knew part of the patience, tolerance and love development would have to come from his comedy-snobbery? (His parents, that’s who.)

Hello loved ones!

This week has been full of change. Not really with missionary work, or my area, or my companion.

No, the change I speak of is in the weather. You'll forgive me for speaking in Celsius, but I'm afraid that's what I know at this point. Last week it was sunny and we were sitting at a balmy 8 degrees [47° F] during the day. That was in the early-mid week. It was actually one of the few years where there wasn't a few inches/feet of snow on Halloween. Huzzah! But, two days later we were looking at temperatures of -10 [14° F] during the day. Zoinks. You'd think that Nature would be a tad more gradual/lenient/merciful. Nope. Mother Nature seems to be a fickle mistress in this neck of the woods, and what she says goes.

At this point, I'm sure my mom is worrying about me taking care to dress warmly and wondering if she sent me with ample long johns. (Mom, don't worry, I've only lost two toes and a small chunk of my left ear to frostbite.)

Aside from the physical happenings, the work has been going well! I've had an increasing fascination with fasting lately, and I'm striving to gain a better understanding through prayer, scripture study, and yes, fasting. So far, what I've gathered is that fasting can be pretty powerful. Sometimes we take it for granted, but if you fast and accompany that with earnest prayer and true faith, you'll see miracles. I guarantee it.

Here are some direct results from fasting found in the scriptures: increased faith and humility, the filling of our souls with joy and consolation, and the sanctification and purifying of our hearts. If that's not worth giving up two meals I don't know what is. As always, don't take my word for it, but try it out for yourself! I can promise good results.

Thanks for reading!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

Not everyone dissects these missives in the same way, of course, but we can count Mom and Dad among THOSE WHO WOULD APPRECIATE A MINIMAL REPORT on the FASCINATION, the POWER, and the MIRACLES OF FASTING as alluded to in this week’s letter. Anyone with further information is welcomed to share in the comments....

Love (argh) that (grumble) boy!

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