Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Great couple of letters from Elder Eli. (Scroll down for last week’s, then back up for this week’s!)

29 April 2014 
Hello all! Things are going well on this side of the Arctic Circle (kind of kidding). The weather has been heating up, and we’ve actually been able to leave our coats home for a few of these past days! That being said, coatless weather here and in Utah might be totally different things. We ditch the coats when it’s a few degrees above freezing. 3 degrees Celsius is downright balmy. We’ve still got some threats of snow, so we’re not in the clear yet. We probably won’t really be in the clear until June, actually. They aren’t kidding when they talk about eight months of winter. Sheesh!

We had a good week! We went to our Elders Quorum activity on Saturday, and it was a cook-off! I wanted to participate, but I couldn’t really think of anything to bring to the table (buh-dum, tch!). There were three categories: appetizer, main, and dessert. Elder Jolley entered the appetizer category and did a little cracker dish. Basically it was Triscuits, sausage, and melted cheese. It was delicious. Surprisingly so. So delicious, in fact, that he actually won the appetizer category, and $25 to Red Robin! I knew I should have entered.

We had a district fast this week. As a district, something we’ve been focusing on is becoming more like Christ, so a few weeks ago we all set personal goals that would help us toward that. Just yesterday we all fasted to be able to have help and strength in our personal issues, so that we could be more suited to carry out our purpose. We’re looking forward to seeing what sort of blessings come from this! One obvious blessing is that we’re more unified as a district, which is important. We were all definitely good friends before, but it’s just a bit closer now.

We’re trying to get some new investigators, and at the same time we’ve been doing a lot of work with some less-active members in the ward. It’s such an amazing feeling seeing people embrace the gospel and build their testimonies, even if they’re familiar with the church or even if they’ve been baptized. We all need this, people! There’s that whole “enduring to the end” part which is really important. I’m so grateful for the perspective that my mission has provided on enduring. I love this Church, and I do know it’s true. If anyone wants to feel good, look for an opportunity to serve! Thanks for reading and sending your prayers and love. Keep it up!
Keep the faith,
Elder Eli

P.S. Oh! My guesses! National: Texas. International: Halifax, Canada. I’m so stoked to find out! No one told me what time things would be going down, so I’ll just try and email in the evening and see what’s what! Congrats, Max!

22 April 2014 
Greetings to my loved ones! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, and I hope you had a good Easter! I look back on this week and it seems like there was nothing out of the ordinary that happened. I’ll answer the questions from your emails while describing my week.

The week was pretty basic. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders, which was really good. It’s amazing the kinds of friends you make on a mission. I wouldn’t have met any of these people if it wasn’t for serving a mission, yet they’re such an integral part of my life now that I can’t imagine anything else! I’ve made such good friends with missionaries, members and non-members alike. I’ve previously mentioned baby Nixon and my obsession with him. Well, his parents, Bethany and Kestin, are some of my dearest friends up here. They’re both 18, and they are wonderful. Plus, their baby is scrumptious. We’ve got supper with them this week, and if I remember, I’ll snag a picture with the family. I’m so grateful for the people Heavenly Father puts in our path, and I’m so happy with my decision to serve a mission.

Dad asked what I typically do for breakfast, and I don’t want to answer for fear of the motherly whiplash that is sure to follow. I’m honestly really bad about eating breakfast. I usually go without. It’s not like I’m really suffering every day, but it’s not like I don’t have the time or means. It just doesn’t happen. But, I did buy breakfast things this week, and I do plan on making that a part of my routine. We’re fed supper mostly every night, with all sorts of variety. Spaghetti and lasagna do happen, but not a bad amount. I greatly appreciate it when people feed us Indian, because it’s rare and so delicious. You know I’m always down for meat and potatoes and Caesar salad, and that happens almost frequently enough. You know, I’m really not afraid to try things anymore. There hasn’t been anything I’ve had to gag down either. Tomatoes are still my biggest rival, but other than that I’d say I’m pretty down for anything. I guess mushrooms are still on the list, but we don’t really have those often. Oh, and olives. Crap. Whatevs, I’m still a good eater.

I did not get permission to call in for Max’s call, but I did get permission to email you guys to find out the results, so when 4/30 rolls around, I’ll find my way to a computer at 7-ish and we can email. Not the same, but it’s the best I got!

Thank you all for your love and support! I really do feel it, so keep it coming! You’re in my prayers and in my heart as I’m going about doing work. The Church is true!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


G’week loved ones (like G’day, but for those confined to weekly contact)!

This week has been an excellent one. I’m having a difficult time remembering anything but Saturday, so I’ll jump right to that!

Kathy was baptized! It was such a beautiful occasion. Her friend who introduced her to the church came up from Calgary, and there was a lot of ward support! She asked me to baptize her (since she knew me longer), and it was a beautiful experience. I could feel her spirit radiating from her, and as we stepped into the font I could feel Heavenly Father’s love for both of us. The actual baptizing went off without a hitch, and the whole program was smooth and spiritual. I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to be a part of that process.

She came to church on Sunday still glowing, and Elder Jolley had the opportunity to confirm her. Another outpouring of the Spirit. It’s so amazing to see the process of someone accepting the gospel and the effect it has on them. Those of us who have already entered into the covenant of baptism still need this gospel, though! We still make mistakes, and we still need the Atonement just as much as the next person! None of us needs the Atonement less than anyone else, so none of us should assume we’re better off! What’s so amazing is that as many times as we sincerely repent, we will be forgiven. Don’t forget! I’m grateful for the love and forgiveness that’s extended to each of us, and I know that all we need to do to be happy, in this life and in the life to come, is to align our will with Heavenly Father’s. We’ll be pretty well off if we’re doing that! Thank you all for your love and support! Keep reading!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Elder Eli continues TCoB in the land northward. He seems well, he seems happy, and that makes us well and happy.

Note: A couple of the references below require explanation, so your humble editor’s notes shall attempt to clarify:

Hello humans! I hope you all had a wonderful week, and that this one is even better. My week was good! The highlight was definitely General Conference. It’s so wonderful that we get to hear the prophets speak to us! I don’t think I can pick a favorite talk until I can read them again, but my favorite session was definitely priesthood. Just incredible.

Things are going well with Kathy! If everything goes according to plan, she’ll be baptized this Saturday! We’ve still got some teaching to do before then, but she’s so ready! She’s excited, too. keep her in your prayers!

Jacob/Pill is alright. He’s mostly just in it for education (which is fine), so he’s not really looking for an answer. In fact, he told us that he even likes not knowing the truth about God or anything like that. He likes that it’s a mystery to him! He has no idea what he’s missing out on. Jacob, there’s still plenty of things to be confused about once you’re baptized! Kidding, of course. The Gospel is wonderful and simple, and everything we need to know for our salvation can be understood by an eight-year-old.

[EXPLANATION INTERRUPTION 1: Berta, Dave and Max visited Berta’s parents. Max played some guitar and sang, and Dave joined on djembe. We sent pics to Elder Eli.] 
I wish I could’ve been there for the visit with Grandma and Grandpa! It looked fun. I wish I could be there for all family gatherings, but I’ll have plenty of those when I’m home! I really am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission. It’s blessed me in more ways than I could imagine. I’ve grown so much! (I can’t quite muster a beard yet, but I’d say it’s pretty good progress for ten months out. Fourteen more months and I should be sitting pretty! Brace yourselves for the lack of shaving that’s going to happen once I’m home.)

This week marks the beginning of a new transfer, and I am to stay in Coronation Park with Elder Jolley! I’m so excited that I get one more transfer here, and one more transfer with him. We’re really looking forward to it! Our dynamic is so fun. He’s certainly a Jolley. I’m also still District Leader, which I’m excited for. We had lots of additional meetings last transfer so we only had two district meetings, but this transfer should be a lot more straightforward!

Thank you for all of your support and love! They make a world of difference! Continue reading, if you so desire!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

[EXPLANATION INTERRUPTION 2: For her birthday Berta was invited to laser tag with the ladies of our neighborhood. She regularly found herself matching wits with a fellow tagger, “Tekken” (not a lady of any neighborhood), whom we’ve all battled before.]
P.S. Mom, I had a suspicion it would be a Tekken story the minute I read “laser tag”. He’s been a constant throughout my life. I feel as if we’ve been connected since our first meeting when I was in elementary school. I think we’re destined for a legendary battle someday. You said you never knew he was older, but remember that my first encounter with him was when I was in elementary school, and he was much older than I. I bet his dream is to be frozen in carbonite when he dies, then used as a decoration in the maze.
Love that boy. Not sure about loving the threatened Beard-ification of Mid-2015, but we’ll roll our eyes at that bridge when we come to it.

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