Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Letter today from Elder Eli:

Hello Everyone!

So glad to be here in the MTC. Super hard at first, but each day gets better. I was made district leader, which basically means I check the mail and go to extra meetings. Kidding, it’s wonderful. Just another opportunity to serve. 
Seeing so many people I know just walking around. It’s great being surrounded by so many people who have your same purpose: building God’s kingdom.
Loving my district and zone. Lots of good people. Learning a ton. Studying a TON. Seriously, I’ve never done anything for so long in one day. With the exception of meals (two hours, combined) and preparation, we study from 6:30am to 10:30pm. My district’s breakfast starts at 6:30am, which is when most missionaries wake up. We wake up at 5:40. It's nice not having a line for showers, though (yes, I am showering*).
Super excited to get to Canada. The food here gets old fast (bonus: free Cookies & Cream milk and Cactus Cooler at each meal). But, even if I had to eat food that was twice as bad and get half as much sleep, it’d still be worth it.
I’d love to hear from anyone reading this! Email elijah.webb@myldsmail.net, or use DearElder.com. (Unit # 136, Mission Code CAN-EDM, MTC Departure 18 June)
The Church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, and God loves all of us. Keep the faith (and if you aren’t of the faith, there’s still time).
Love you all. Thank you for the support and love and prayers, I feel them every day. 
Elder Webb
* Parental/editorial note: The mission already has evinced changes in the boy that not we NOR his college roommates NOR THE REGULAR COMPANIONSHIP OF A CHARMING YOUNG LADY could bring about. Hallelujah, heavens be praised.

Not included in the official release:
  • Eli’s companion is Elder Monks, of Arizona, who “just went pro in motocross. That means he can go race in the X Games or Supercross. He’s got sponsors and everything. Thank heavens he’s cool.”
  • He also reports seeing “Elder Todd a lot, so that’s cool.” (We all know him as “Jeff,” so for Eli to call him “Elder Todd” definitely is cool.)
  • Missionaries apparently get a Photo Day on the Provo Temple grounds. 

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