Sunday, August 17, 2014


... and into the Young Single Adult ward. It’s apparently one of those good news/bad news reports: Good news about going back to Coronation Park and with a new companion he knows; bad news about having to leave Red Deer so soon.


Greetings to all! This week has been all sorts of crazy. We haven’t been able to meet with Mitch and Des this week, and they aren’t getting back to us. We’ll see.

Or maybe we won’t see. Turns out, after spending only two transfers in Red Deer, the President wants me to be a zone leader. I got a call from him last week telling me that he wanted me to stick around for leadership training after our zone meeting, but he didn’t specify what exactly I’d be doing. I was figuring I’d go back to being district leader and get trained for that again. (I think I was kind of in denial about leaving, so district leader was what made sense to me.) But, I got to the meeting and President handed me a paper titled, “Zone Leader Responsibilities”, which cleared it all up. The problem was that on Thursday, President didn’t know where or with whom I’d be serving, so I just got to sit and worry about it for four days. Not good for my health.

Finally, we got our transfer calls this morning and I am to be serving with Elder Ganley in the Rainbow Valley YSA! I’m actually so excited. Really sad to be leaving Red Deer so early, but I’ve got complete faith in this process and I know that this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do. It’s also exciting because I’ll get to go on exchanges to Coronation Park! I’ve come to know Elder Ganley pretty well from serving around him in other areas previously, and it’s going to be a blast. It’s a lot of responsibility, and I know that I can’t do it on my own. I never could, really. None of us can! We need to constantly rely on Jesus Christ. I hope that this next phase of my mission will be conducive to me being able to more wholly rely on the Savior. Of course it will be. I guess I hope that my state of mind will be conducive to that dependence. Maybe I’m not making sense. I want this next part of my mission to make me better. Whew!

Max is officially out and doin’ his thing! So awesome. P-Day is Thursday for him, eh? Curious. I wonder what his companion is like. I wish I could see Max in the MTC and everything! I’m dying to know how he goes about everything. Tell me about your companion and stuff! Good times in the MTC. I have no idea what the luxury section is. (Was the guy just kidding or is there an actual luxury section?)

Gosh. Overwhelming times. I’m sad to be leaving so soon. I’m excited for this next adventure, and I’m glad that Heavenly Father and President Manion trust me with this. I just want to do y’all (family, friends, leaders, Heavenly Father) proud!

Thanks for reading and writing. Pray for me!

Keep the Faith,
Elder Webb

•    ❦    •

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