Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Sounds like Summer gave Autumn a miss, and went straight on into Winter . . .
from 8 September 2014 
Well wishes to all within eyeshot!

If you’re reading this, I love you. This has been an excellent week! We are constantly busy. I think part of it is being zone leaders, and another part of it is that we’re being really proactive about setting up appointments. I’m constantly tired and I’m loving the work that I’m doing.

So today is September 8th, right? We wake up a little early to get ready for the gym like we always do. Same old same old. Then we step outside. Hey, it’s kinda chilly! And what’s all this white stuff on our car? And why is it falling from the sky? And why is the ground wet?

Swearwords, swearwords, swearwords.

Luckily, none of it stuck around. We’re still holding onto a hope of fall, but that dream seems to be fading fast. Two days ago we were sweating in our car, and now we turn the heat on as soon as we’re in. Hopefully the temperature picks up for a little bit longer. I’m so not ready for eight more months of cold.

On a lighter note, Skyler was baptized on Saturday! He was so ready. We all got matching ties and wore them to the baptism and to church on Sunday. Skyler asked me to confirm him, which was such a cool experience! It was my first time doing a confirmation! This is the hardest I’ve worked on my mission, so I feel like this is the most qualified I’ve been for the Spirit, so I’m glad that this confirmation happened when it did. Such a cool experience! Skyler is amazing. He’s so excited to go to the temple and be a home teacher and all that jazz.

Our other investigators are doing well. Vince just moved out of our area, but his plan is to move back near where he was within a month, so we’re going to keep teaching him. It would be pointless to pass him over and then have him passed back. However, if it looks like he’s going to stick around in his new place we’ll have to pass him over to the other missionaries. It’s whatever to me. If he’s in another area and he’s staying there, technically we don’t even have the right to revelation for him, so it would be almost pointless to teach him. I’ve got faith in stewardship. We’ll see how these next few weeks go.

Travis is doing great. He works a ton so it’s hard to teach him. We’re trying to figure out whether or not Skype is a viable option for him. It’s not having adverse effects on his testimony, thankfully. He’s still firm in his decision to be baptized and he’s still reading the Book of Mormon and praying whenever he can. He’s got more of an excuse to not read than most people, yet he still makes the time to do it. That tells you a lot about a person. So often we interact with people who really aren’t that busy, yet for the life of them they cannot find time to read. So when you find someone who’s actually busy and still finds time to read, you know it’s the real deal. We’re really excited for him.

Zone leading is going well. We haven’t had to prepare for a zone training this transfer because we’re having our mission tour. Elder Martino (Second Quorum of the Seventy, I believe) is coming to our mission next week to speak to all of the missionaries, so that’s going to replace our zone training meeting. Next transfer we’ll do a ZTM, so I’m looking forward to that. Things are good.

Thank you all for your love and support! I’m grateful to know you, and if I don’t know you I’m at least grateful that you’re reading this. Keep it up! The Church is true. The Atonement applies to each of us. Go check out the Mormon Message, “The Savior Wants to Forgive”. It’s a good one.

Keep the faith,
Elder Eli

•    ❦    •

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