Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The work marches forward with Elders Webb and Hunsaker, who report particular progress among two investigators.

The missionary effort, however, apparently is not limited to salvation, redemption and other “-tions” we all seek. Eli tells of a young maiden named Annie, age 5, a daughter in a member family who has him in her sights. From Eli’s letter today:

When we were first getting to know the family, we were over at their house for supper for maybe the second or third time (they feed us quite often). I was sitting next to Annie (at her request), and we had an interesting conversation. Annie started with: 
“Elder Webb?” 
“Yes, Annie?” 
“Did you know that I tell people I have a crush on you?” 
 “No, I didn’t know that! Who did you tell?” 
 “Well, I actually didn’t tell anyone.” 
 “Oh, so you just lied to me?” 
 “No I wasn’t lying — I really do have a crush on you!” 
 “Well, thank you, Annie!” 
 “Elder Webb?” 
 “Yes, Annie?” 
 “Did you know that when you have a crush on someone it means you love them?” 
 She invited me to her birthday party today, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious between us.

This week has been great. Super busy. We are teaching a lot, prepping Stephen and Godwin for baptism. Got the news this week that Godwin’s entire family wants to be baptized! They aren’t even in our mission! His two sons are attending university in Calgary, and his wife and two daughters are living in Brooks, which is about two hours from Calgary. So awesome. The church is true. They all want to be baptized together, so we’re trying to figure that out. Stephen is looking forward to his baptism on September 8th, and we are teaching him from Skype at least twice a week.

The work is great. Keep praying, keep reading, and keep writing!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

•  •  •

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