Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Quick report from Elder Webb in Edmonton:

Hello all!

This last little bit has been wild.  We have to go help a man assemble his roof, so I will provide more detail next week. 
I’m not sure what my last word was on Stephen (in High Level) or Godwin (the Nigerian throat cancer survivor), but here is the status currently: 
We are baptizing both of them this week. Godwin on Friday the 6th, and Stephen on Sunday the 8th. You can imagine how crazy our schedules are. 
A quick funny story: We’ve got to be pretty good friends with Stephen and Isabelle (his wife). We Skype multiple times a week (when possible), and we all like one other. It’s very comfortable and friendly. 
So, when we asked Stephen to think about who he wanted to baptize him, his wife told us that they would like Elder Hunsaker and I to do rock/paper/scissors, and the winner would baptize him.
Now, my family can attest to the fact that when it comes to rock/paper/scissors, few can best me. I felt pretty good going into it. We were doing best two out of three, so we went for it, and I took him 2-0. It was decisive. 
So, I get to baptize Stephen this Sunday! I don't want to boast, because it was honestly luck. I feel very blessed and excited. 
Keep praying, keep writing, and keep reading!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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