Thursday, June 19, 2014


Looks like we at Elder Webb HQ are behind a couple of weeks:

16 June 2014 
Family, friends, and family friends,

Good morrow! I hope all is well for all who are within eye-shot (the email equivalent of earshot). If things aren’t well, hang in there! It’ll always get better.

Happy Father’s Day! Dad, you’re the best. Thanks so much for your example and love all my life. I treasure your advice and friendship. I also treasure our shared humor, and our support for one another when we make a bad joke. Thanks for your testimony and worthy exercise of priesthood. You’re definitely the best dad I’ve ever had. No other dad can compare. Love you!

This week was pretty uneventful. Oh! I do have a good story. We’ve got an investigator who works at a strip club. He’s got a heart of gold. His mom is going through a really hard time with her health, so we asked him if he needed any help with anything. He really doesn’t like accepting help because he’s very independent. He told us he wished he could pay us somehow, that it was frustrating because we don’t take payment. Then he said, “Even dancers don’t work on you guys! With anyone else if I want them to do something I can be like, ‘Hey, do this and I’ll throw you in the hot tub with the dancers.’ and they’ll be like, ‘Yes, I’ll do anything!’ But nothing works on you guys!” Sorry, pal — but if you actually knew anything about missionaries, you’d know to offer food before dancers. Good times.

You know what I love? The Book of Mormon. It’s amazing how much you can learn every time you open it. It’s a true book! Pray about it! Learn it! Study it! Live by it! I’ve grown to love the Book of Mormon so much. There’s so much I have left to learn, which is really exciting! It means a lot that Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gives us scripture to live by and help us come closer to Him. I’m grateful for scripture and the power of prayer. I’m also grateful for the redemptive power of the Atonement. Repentance really is a beautiful thing, and it’s available to each of us! Thank heaven for that.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for your love and support and prayers and emails! Keep it up!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb
✧    ✧    ✧
9 June 2014 
Howdy to all,

This was a great week. We had a baptism! It was kind of interesting. They wanted it to be super low-key, so they did it on a Thursday afternoon. They just wanted it to be the missionaries and the bishop. They didn’t want to do a program or anything! We were totally down with that, but then we found out that the bishop couldn’t come! Our zone leaders were around, so we got permission for them to conduct. So, in attendance were Wolf, his wife, and six missionaries! But, the ordinance was valid and the Spirit was there! Awesome.

Red Deer is great! It’s been raining a ton lately. It’s nice though, because it’s super green and lush. We do a lot of service. Now a big focus is finding investigators who are actually willing to keep commitments. A lot of times you’ll get people who are willing to meet and listen, but they’ll never act or experiment. What we need are people who not only want to learn, but want to find out for themselves if it’s true. They’re out there, we just need to find them!

Max, you’re going to love your mission. I know you’d be hard-pressed to find two places more different than Reynosa and Edmonton, but there are some things that are true across the board. If you’re committed to your purpose, you’ll be successful and happy. Missions are a blast. You’re going to have the time of your life. You’ll make friends that you’ll keep for the rest of your life. Your testimony will grow so much, and you’ll gain such a strong relationship with the Lord. I’m so stoked for you!

My health is good! Well, it could definitely be better. I need to eat better. Breakfast still isn’t really happening much, so I need to turn that around. Other than that I’m good! We were working out at the gym, but then we found out that we were getting a killer deal that shouldn’t have actually existed, so the gym told us we either had to pay full price or cancel our membership. We cancelled. So now we’re going to start running in the mornings. Blech.

Well, I love you all! The church is true! Thanks for reading!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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