Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The post’s title came from Elder Eli’s own submission, and it seemed fitting. Apparently he and his comp can still go outside and meet people and not even see their breath. For about another hour.

20 October 2014 
Dear Ones,

I don’t think this week was exceptional enough to deserve that subject, but I get tired of thinking up subject lines. Love you all!

This was a good week. We’re seeing good things happen with our investigators! Jordan is on track for November 1st. He’s been doing a lot better with giving up his addictions. Only one is holding him up right now, and we feel strongly that he’ll be able to get that under control.

We didn’t see Travis this week since he was working, but we were texting him and he’s doing great. He’s set to have his baptismal interview this week, then he should be baptized on November 8th. He’s excited and making excellent strides.

Eric is still a bit tricky, but we’re doing well with him. We had a huge stake event this week called “Arts and Appies” (ouch). Each ward was to prepare an appetizer for the evening, then there would be live music and art displayed throughout the stake center. Eric agreed to play piano for one of the rooms displaying some art, so he came and did very well! He’s a very talented man. The stake center is in the same lot as the Edmonton temple, so once he finished his time slot for playing we were able to take him on the temple grounds and talk a little bit about what happens there. Hopefully he felt the Spirit enough to take some steps, but we’re being patient and he is moving in the right direction.

Within the last week we’ve also had some new potential investigators surface, and we’re set to be meeting with them this week! It’s funny, our recent chunk of investigators has been strictly men: Skyler, Eric, Travis, Vince, and Jordan. Our new potentials are women! All of them! This week we should have three new investigators, so if it pans out I’ll tell you about them. The church is true!

I love my mission. I’m so glad to be a part of this work. I love the people I serve and I’m blessed to be serving around so many stellar missionaries and leaders. The work is going to progress and move forward whether we help it or not, but why not help? We’ll get a lot more blessings if we do, and we’ll be so much happier. It is a commandment to share the Gospel, so do a self evaluation, repent if you need to, and climb aboard the Salvation Express. We are all enlisted. Love you!

Share the faith,
Elder Eli

•    ❦    •

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