Sunday, November 2, 2014


Elder Eli rolls merrily along. . . Love that kid!

See? See? I can Spanish too. #jealous #callsareinspired #thankyourosettastone #worthwhileinvestment

Also, I'm jealous because Max’s emails are so much funnier than mine. To make myself feel better/explain why mine may not be as funny, I’ve prepared a short list:

  • He’s newer to his mission, therefore emailing has not become tiresome to him yet. Remember at the beginning of my mission when I shared that story about the Goshute Gophers? I used to be more fun.
  • I’m busier now with zone leading. My energies and efforts are focused on other salvation things. Don’t ask what.
  • There’s more to do in Edmonton than Reynosa, therefore less focus on email and more pressure from companions to hurry up. I’ve got the West Edmonton Mall like three minutes away from where I live. We went mini golfing this week!
  • He has more material for anecdotes. The culture is so similar. And there’s no way I can come close to competing with Mexican soap operas!

So there.

This was a great week. Things are moving steadily with our investigators. Jordan is all set to be baptized this week. Travis will probably have to do it later in November so that more family can attend, but he’s so ready.

New investigator update! Please welcome aboard Jody (Jodie?) and Jessica! Jody was referred by a friend in the ward. She’s been to church twice and she's looking to start over. She had it all and then lost it, so she feels pretty humbled. Willing to meet with us and willing to keep commitments and change. Jessica spoke with a member of the church at work and then looked up the church and basically referred herself. She’s very spiritual already and she loves God. We taught her the first lesson and she believed it all without a problem. She’s grateful for The Book of Mormon and she’s excited to get into it. She is set to be baptized on November 22nd! Good things.

Also, I get to go to an Edmonton Oilers game this week!!! We’ve got a member whose family has season tickets, and we were teasing him about going (teasing, fishing, same thing). He actually ended up setting it up with his dad, and he wants to take us! Our rule in the mission is that we need to bring an investigator if we go to a game, so we were teaching Jody with this same member, and he invited her out! I am so excited. I wish I had some Oilers swag to rep, but goodness gracious, sports apparel is pricey! I will be happy to go without. The Oilers aren’t good this year, so we’re not expecting much.

I got both packages! I'm wearing the pants and cardigan right now! Thanks so much! Mom, you always deliver. That Halloween/goodies package was excellent. The jerky was delicious, and the Count Chocula was gone pretty fast. I haven’t gone for the Funyuns yet. I’m working on my first bag of Chex Mix still. It’s weird that Canada doesn’t have my favorite things. No cheddar pretzels here, either! Silly northerners.

I love my mission. I love the Spirit I feel and the work that I’m blessed to be a part of. I love the people here. I love my companion and the missionaries around and my mission president. I love my friends and family at home and abroad. I love the Lord, and I’m grateful for His presence in my life. Thank you all for your prayers and support and love!

Keep the faith,
Elder Elijah Noble Webb

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