Monday, October 28, 2013


The “2-FOR-1” reference is, in fact, due to a glaring fault in the missionary’s father: Somehow one week slipped into a second, and he (I) blew it and didn’t post last week’s on its own. Since last week’s post is tardy, it shares space with this week’s post:

21 OCT 2013 
Friends and family,

This week has been fantastic. It's interesting, sometimes a mission can feel monotonous, especially in the day-to-day schedule, but when you look back you realize that you do different things all of the time. Pretty much the only consistency is when you wake up and when you go to bed.

Our teaching is going well. Just last week we got a woman on date for baptism! Her name is Julie Goulet, and she is 80-something years old. She never stops. She's constantly busy with something, whether it's yard work, cooking, playing cards, volunteering at the senior center or doing things around the house. I think it keeps her young, because I honestly wouldn't put her past 70. She's a delight. She's been taught by missionaries for over five years, so it's pretty big that she's committing to baptism. No credit to us, though. People get ready in their own time, and the Spirit has really been operating in her over these last few months.

We're meeting with our Japanese couple tonight (the Andos), and we're hopefully going to get them on date as well! Fingers crossed. While we still have trials and struggles out here, when something good happens it tends to sort of blur the memory of bad things, which I appreciate.

The Church is true. I have no doubt. If any of you have doubts, ask your Heavenly Father, because I can promise that he's dying to give you an answer.

Thanks so much for reading!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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28 OCT 2013 Greetings to all!

This week has been excellent for me, and I hope it's been excellent for all of you as well! I pray for most of you just as much as I hope you pray for me!

We've found a lot of good potentials out in Grimshaw, and we're also seeing some good things happen with some recently-found less-actives. Somehow, even though it's just ordinary Elder Webb and Elder Murray (and even maybe a less-than ordinary Elder Webb), the Lord still sees fit to bless us with so many miracles!

It felt like it took a while to get the ball rolling, but now that it is we've got to make sure we can keep up! We're still looking forward to Julie's baptism, and hopefully she is too! Kidding, of course she is.

In regards to the temporal aspect of the work, I would just like to clue my audience in to what our latest project has been: deer antler knives. They'll probably end up being twice as cool as they sound. We've spent the last few weeks getting materials together (on P-Days), and we're finally putting them together today. I'm expecting good things. Pictures to come. I think I'll have to put a sheath on my next project: mukluks.

Thank you all for reading and praying. Keep it up! If you do, I promise to keep missionary-ing. Sound like a plan? Aces.

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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