Thursday, October 10, 2013


Love the spirit in this boy. We’re still trying to determine whether he’s a missionary who loves adventure, or an adventurer who loves his mission. Either way: He’s happy, so we’re happy!

Hello friends!

This week was wonderful for a number of reasons. Obviously, conference was great. Those men and women are so inspired. Study their words! They are the words of salvation and happiness.

We’ve been able to do some sweet service in the past while. The highlight of recent service was going out to a part-member family’s farm to help them butcher a deer and prepare some sausage. Yes I did wear the white butcher coat, yes it was very bloody, yes the meat we prepared was delicious, yes it was a deer they killed the week prior, yes we did grind up the deer with some pork, yes I did wear gloves (mostly), and no I did not gag. It was a blast!

They also have a Mastiff on the farm named Brutus, who may be the most wonderful dog on earth. I’ll try to get a video of him running.

For this last P-Day we drove up to the Northwest Territories border, which was about 5 1/2 hours north of Peace River. We had a member from Fairview take us, and the Fairview elders came too! So fun. So long. Worth it? Yes. Pictures to come.

The work is going great, and we’re making good progress. Thank you for your prayers and love, and thank you for reading. Keep it up!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

How fun.

Of course, it wasn’t until later that we learned one of the elders on the NWT sojourn was one of Elder Eli’s cousins (son of Berta’s first cousin), so there’s still room for growth on the “Sharing Information” path.

Again . . . Love the spirit in this boy. <imagine here the sound of a tiny, muffled scream>

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