Monday, October 7, 2013


Elder Eli’s reports include mostly generic info, so there’s likely some evil undercurrent to his parents’ curiosity about the weather. He’s just not uncomfortable enough:

Greetings loved ones,

Cold weather gear. I already have my winter coat. I purchased it off another missionary for super cheap. We do have a place in Peace River that sells good winter clothing, so I will be making my way there within these next few weeks. The cold isn’t anything remotely bad yet. Just a bit brisk. Nothing I’m not used to. The most I’ve worn has been my peacoat. I haven’t even had to break out the thermals yet. Fret not.

This week, like most others, has been great. We’re continuing to work hard, but we’re also managing to have a lot of fun. We are remaining obedient, if you can believe it. What? You mean you can have fun on a mission and be obedient? That’s exactly what I mean.

Granted, I’m not a Saint. I still make mistakes here and there. Consecration is a process, my friends, and not a short one. I still wish I could sleep in just boxers. I still would rather nap than tract. I still spend time trying to determine whether or not the “Fiddler on the Roof” soundtrack is kosher*.

But, in spite of my weaknesses, the Lord still trusts me with his children, and that is a phenomenal blessing, because he’s willing to help me through the entire process.

We teach as much as we can, and we serve as much as we can. We tract as little as we can, especially now that the weather is getting chilly. Nothing bad, yet, but tracting isn’t really a blast to start with, and when you add any amount of poor weather, it gets that much worse. But hey, some people are meant to be found tracting, so I’ll do it when I need to.

Thank you all for the prayers and support, and thank you for reading! Write if you feel so inclined. God loves us equally and infinitely, and he only wants us to be happy.

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

*Kosher? “Fiddler on the Roof”? Anybody? You’re welcome.
 All (most) kidding aside, we’re glad he’s well and anxiously engaged in generally worthy causes.

•  •  •

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