Tuesday, December 17, 2013


In which our hero learns about Balance, Respect, City Life, and Change. Love that boy!

Uncredited photo. Stolen from the internet.
(Thank you, Al Gore.)
We are living in the city, in an apartment. The apartment is alright, but I prefer Peace River’s. There’s a [mission district] rule that if you slip and fall on the ice, you owe the district Tim Horton’s donuts. There are four missionaries in our ward (myself included), and I’m the only one that hasn’t slipped. Surprised? Me too. So now I get to fatten myself up on everyone’s clumsiness. Tis the season!

My ward is incredible. So many fun and amazing people. Our ward mission leader is excellent. We get along famously. Young guy, maybe 24? 25? He’s super sarcastic and dry, so we have a good time. The first time we met was at a correlation meeting at his house. We were all talking casually and he said, “One of my goals for the ward is to baptize a black person,” and I said “What, a ‘black-tism’?” Then I realized that wasn’t really okay, but he just said, “Yeah — we can be friends.” We’re hilarious together.

The city is different in every way. We bus a lot, our area is small, we get fed every night, I don’t spend P-Days making knives, our ward is big, I see other missionaries daily, and I haven’t seen a single deer (or elk, or bear, or moose, or coyote).

We are meeting with the miracle couple on Thursday. They are progressing well. Reading their scriptures and everything. They’ve sort of been through this process before, so we’ve got to be extra bold and diligent. My missionary mantra is “Bold and loving.” A lot like life.

This week we’re aiming big for lessons taught. We’re really exercising our faith, and we hope we’ll be blessed with more investigators on date. I miss Peace River a lot, but I really do like it here. Working out some kinks (personal and otherwise) and praying for patience. The Lord really is blessing us, so I’ve just got to work hard and do my best. I’m kind of in a funk, so I’m working on getting out of it. Nothing too serious. I still love my mission and the work.

Hopefully that provides some information! I miss and love you all, especially this time of year. Christmas time is a blast at the Webb house, and it’s less of a blast at the Webb-Konecki house. Whatevs. It’s part of the experience. I also got my Christmas package, but I haven’t opened it yet. I’m a good boy! Look what I can do! I’m very excited to talk to yous on Christmas. You’re all wonderful.

Love you lots.

Elder Webb
Looks like we’re going to get 30-ish (?!) minutes on Christmas morning, but it will be free and include video (thank you, Al Gore and George Jetson).

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