Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Tonight we got an awesome Christmas gift: a letter from the Brulés, a family in Elder Eli’s first area:

December 2013
Dear Brother and Sister Webb,
We really enjoyed having your son serving our branch. (The Peace River Branch) We only got to know him the last 2 months of him being in Peace River (end of Sept. till Nov. 30)
He was a gentle Elder, with a kind spirit and voice. He always had a way to cover any subject, relating to the scriptures.
We had him and Elder Murray over for 6 dinners. I’ve carried on the tradition that my mom and dad did when they got married, of having a guest book. Every time someone comes, we have them sign the guest book. As time went on he signed his name Eli Webb. I hadn’t known anyone who went by Eli. As I thought about it, my great-grandfather on my mother’s side was named Eli. I felt a kinship in a sense. I’ll remember that.
When the missionary calendar went around mid November in Relief Society, I thought, why not have the missionaries over for a belated American Thanksgiving. My husband works at night, so we couldn’t have them over the exact day. We had them over Sat., Nov. 30.
I had asked each one of them what their favorite food item for Thanksgiving was. Your son, Elder Webb, said mashed potatoes. It had been quite a while since I had made them, so I was looking forward to having them as much as he wanted them! Elder Murray wanted homemade buns. I hadn’t made a big Thanksgiving, even for us Canadian folks, which we have in Oct., for a long time. Both of them loved my apple pie, that I hadn’t had for a long time either!
We would have loved to have had him for the Christmas season, but he got transferred! You have raised a fine son, and I’m glad we got to have him in our branch.
We hope you have a good Christmas. Someone in Edmonton will get to enjoy him for the Christmas season. All the best in the New Year.
Sally and David Brulé

What a great present! Tomorrow we get to talk “in person.”

Merry Christmas, and God bless us all!

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