Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This week’s News from the North:

Greetings loved ones!

This week was great. There was a baptism in the ward of a man the Sisters taught named Chai. He’s amazing. One day, the Sisters were finding and they went up to a man smoking on his porch. He wasn’t interested, but he said his sister was looking for a church. His sister came out and was very nice and accepting, then another woman came outside and saw the missionaries. She said, “Sisters!” then started crying and hugging them. Apparently, she was a member from Cambodia who had been praying for Elders or Sisters to come by (so close!). Her name is Sotheary (pronounced So-teary [when she cries, she’s so teary]), and she hadn’t been to church since she’d been to Canada.

She got to know the Sisters and introduced them to her non-member husband, Chai (also from Cambodia. Phnom Penh, to be exact). He came to church with her for the first time hungover. But, he was very interested in what we had to offer.

Between that week and the next, we witnessed a complete turnaround. He came to church clean-shaven and sober, wearing a white shirt and tie. He basically taught himself the Gospel. He didn’t even believe in God or religion before. He loved smoking and drinking and partying, and he and his wife had agreed just not to talk about religion.

After he started taking the lessons from the Sisters, he commented on how much closer he and his wife had become, how much healthier he felt, how much happier he was, and how much more of an understanding and purpose he had.

One day, after he had committed to be baptized, he went outside for his last smoke. He lit it, took a puff, and as he was holding it a drop of water fell from the gutter and extinguished his cigarette. He quit cold turkey after that. Miracles are happening, people! They’re happening every day, all around us. If you aren’t noticing them, you aren’t looking, because I guarantee they’re there. Now Chai is baptized and confirmed, and he and his wife are working towards the temple. When I look at what he overcame, I know that our Heavenly Father is watching out for us and that he wants us to succeed.

C’mon folks! Let’s all agree to be a lot happier, healthier, and full of purpose by living the Gospel. I can’t see who wouldn’t want to do everything they could to have that! I love all of you, and so does our Heavenly Father! What a blessing.

Thanks for reading and showing you care. I’d love your prayers!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb
Elder Eli recently was called to serve as a district leader — which may account for that prayers request!

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