Monday, February 3, 2014


We’re not sure if there’s a filter on U.S.-to-Canada emails, something that squelches parental questions and curiosity and hunger for details . . .

All that family-based selfishness aside, we love reading the great stuff from our honorary Albertan:

Hello family!

This week has been great. No one was sick, we did some good work, and we got a car!!!

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, you are reading the email of the proud driver of a 2011, silver, misaligned, CD-skipping, last-of-its-kind-in-the-mission Chevy Malibu! Yes, the CDs do skip, yes there is a big crack in the windshield, and yes, the steering wheel sits about 20 degrees to the left when it drives straight. But you know what it doesn’t have? It doesn’t have crazy people sitting in the back talking to themselves, it doesn’t have a set time when we can drive it, it doesn’t have a permanent weed smell, it doesn’t have to constantly stop, it doesn’t have any graffiti, and we don’t have to wait outside for 30+ minutes for the next one to come because the one we were trying to get came at the improper time. We’ve named it Lefty. Lefty Tuesday (we got it on a Tuesday).

Even better than the car, however, is David. David is a 12 year-old boy who’s been coming to church and activities for a few months, but who wasn’t sure he wanted to take the lessons or get baptized. He was invited again this last week to take the lessons and be baptized, and he said yes! He wants to be able to go to the temple with the youth on February 18th. We’re so excited for him. However, this means that he needs to be baptized on the 15th. This means that we have less than two weeks to teach him all of the lessons and get him interviewed. We’re up for the challenge, but it’s going to take a lot of work! Hopefully he’ll be willing to put in the time to see this through for the 15th! He’s been such a blessing. We’re so grateful for this opportunity!

Thank you all for reading and being so supportive! Keep praying for me! Prayer is incredibly powerful.

Elder Eli

Love the spirit of that boy/man. (Note: If you’re one of those who write him and don’t hear back too regularly, you’re in good company! It’s a family-wide phenomenon!)

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  1. What CDs do they get to listen to?! Loverboy? Bachman Turner Overdrive? Justin Bieber?