Friday, January 3, 2014


The venerable reports -25° for Edmonton’s low tomorrow. If you can’t trust the internet, maybe you can trust the image of lash-cicles upon dear Elder Webb’s face:

Greetings loved ones!

First things first, it was wonderful to see you all [at FaceTime Christmas]! I’m glad you’re all doing well! What sort of fun Christmas things were received? That pen really is the coolest thing. I’m totally cool with you guys going to San Francisco. Give the Woydziaks my love, and squeeze and kiss that baby lots and lots and lots (I can’t squeeze or kiss ANY babies. More on that in a moment).

Remember how I told you about that couple and how they were kind of flaking? Well, we met with a man named Eddie on Saturday. He’s from Nigeria, and the Sisters passed him over to us. We talked and taught, and he’s amazing. We got along really well, and at the end of the lesson, we committed him to baptism on January 25 and he said yes! It really was incredible. He said everything we were saying resonated with him. 
That was on Saturday, then he got a ride and came to church on Sunday! He was so nice and the ward did a fantastic job with being warm and welcoming. He said he loved the atmosphere and the closeness, and that that was what he missed about his church back in Nigeria. 
It’s strange, but I’ve actually been able to teach multiple Nigerians, and they are just good people! Godwin, the man we baptized in Peace River, was from Nigeria, and they are so similar. I now have a goal to baptize a Nigerian in every area I serve in (is that okay?). Eddie is amazing, and we’re meeting with him again this week.

For a little something on Coronation Park, I’d like to address the baby situation. We met with some members last night, and they told us they’re pregnant. That started a conversation on who should be having babies during my projected time here (approx. through June). People, my ward will have at least SEVEN new babies before May, in addition to the three newborns that came in December. That’s just newborns! There are other babies still, including the not-so-new baby from Haiti. HAITI! What on earth is this Webb supposed to do? I am being tested, and I don’t really appreciate it (kidding, tests are good).

Thanks for all of your love and support! Happy New Year!

Elder Webb

P.S. I have not slipped on the ice yet.

For the uninitiated, not slipping means he hasn’t yet had to purchase Tim Hortons donuts for his district. It’s such an accomplishment, we’re including a picture of one of Elder Webb’s proudest feats, his deer-antler knife:

Seriously — we get more pictures of the knife (2) than of the boy (1). One day, years from now, he’ll read this post, and he’ll understand. Then he’ll run to find us, and he’ll apologize profusely, and can we ever forgive him, etc. Yes, Eli... yes, we can. (But only barely.)

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