Sunday, February 23, 2014

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11 February 2014 
Hello family members!

Initially, I would like to apologize for my lack of picture sending. It’s not that I’m not sending them, it’s that I’m not taking them in the first place. I need to be better! Trust me, next week, you’ll have a good supply of Eli pictures. I can’t guarantee you’ll like them, because I got my haircut yesterday and it’s... different. I’ve decided that I can’t be such a diva anymore about my hair and that I need to be open-minded, so I’ve let some members and even some missionaries cut it. I’ve always been pretty happy with the results. Yesterday was the first time I let an Elder cut my hair. I hate poofy hair, and it usually poofs out from the sides, which is why I wear it short on the sides and longer on top. Well, this missionary did cut it like that, and he did a good job, but it’s not necessarily orthodox. Don’t worry, I’m still an effective missionary and I still have the Spirit with me (I think). I don’t want to build it up to more than it’s supposed to be, so I’ll let you judge for yourselves next week. Fret not!

This week has been pretty good! We found out that we need to take things slow with David. His mom doesn’t want him to be rushed, which totally makes sense! Now we’re just going to be taking it slow with him and consistently teaching him. He still wants to learn and be baptized, and that’s a good reason to celebrate!

Last week we had supper with a less-active sister and her non-member husband. This sister has recently returned to activity, and she’s doing so well! She reads and prays every day. The first time we met her she asked for a blessing to help her quit smoking. She hasn’t smoked at all since! It’s all thanks to her faith and willingness. That’s the only way this Gospel works: Faith! I can testify that seemingly insurmountable obstacles can definitely be overcome through faith in our Savior and obedience to His commandments. Our trials and burdens won’t be removed, but they can me made light. Just exercise your faith! Read Alma 32 for an excellent analogy on faith.

I want my loved ones to know that I’m doing my best to represent our family, the church and the Lord. I still have so much to improve, but I’m trying to so my best with what I do have, and I’ve seen blessings come from that. Thank you all for your love and support!

Quick funny story: We were out knocking doors a few weeks ago and we were having pretty reasonable success. People were at least consistently pleasant, even if they weren’t interested. One door was answered by a 60-something red-headed Catholic woman, who said that she wasn’t really interested but that she appreciated what we were doing (I didn’t assume she was 60-something or Catholic, she told us). As we were leaving, she was closing the door and I heard her say, under her breath, “Cute as h*ll, though.” So at least we’ve got that going for us! Thanks, Catholic lady!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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