Sunday, February 23, 2014

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This was last week’s letter, which we’re posting along with the two-weeks-ago letter, in anticipation of a tomorrow letter. Huzzah! (More pics below)

With José Lugo (his art on the walls) and the Sisters
18 February 2014

Greetings loved ones!

I hope things are well with all of you! They are wonderful with me. I’m emailing on Tuesday because today is temple P-Day! We went to the temple this morning and it was the most amazing thing. It’s cool being a missionary in the temple.

I had a dream the other night that Jairus started a watch company and that he gave me a watch for free to rep on my mission. Not sure if it means anything, but Jairus, you can definitely send me a watch if it ever comes up.

The work is going well! So many changes happen throughout the week, so it’s hard to keep track of what I’ve told! 12-year-old David is taking the lessons and taking it slow. He wants to be baptized, and his mom seems okay with it. Karen is also doing well, but she didn’t come to church on Sunday because she still wants to look at other churches. We’re meeting with her tomorrow. Toby wants to be baptized, and he moved back into our area so now we can teach him again (I’ve mentioned Toby, haven’t I? Gee, my brain is fried). He gets off probation on the 21st, so we’ll go from there.

This is probably mine and Elder Konecki’s last week together. We’ve had such a good time together. I’ve really lucked out with my companions! I hope I’m not being set up for a doozy. Fingers crossed! I can handle a tough area, a tough ward, and tough weather. I’d take all three at once if it meant I’d get a good companion. Pray for me!

I love you all. I hope things are going well with everyone! I pray for y’all every night! Prayer sends angels! We’ve got angels working for us on both sides. I’m not sure how to recognize his spirit, but I like to believe that Grandpa Archie is watching my back (since he served in Canada. I think he’s looking out for Brennan too). I always picture it when we’re singing “O Canada”.

Funny story: When Elder Zwick came and spoke to the mission, he told us a story about an interaction he had with President Monson. As some of you know, President Monson presided over the Canadian mission, so Canada holds a special place in his heart. Elder Zwick went into President Monson’s office to discuss an assignment in Canada (it may have been the assignment to speak in our mission, but I forget). They sat down and President Monson asked Elder Zwick if he knew “O Canada”. Elder Zwick admitted that he didn’t. President Monson reached into his desk, pulled out the lyrics, handed them to Elder Zwick and said, “You sing, I’ll whistle.” The prophet whistled the tune while Elder Zwick sang. Just the two of them. In President Monson’s office. Can you imagine? I love him even more after hearing that.

Thanks for your prayers and love! I really need them! Write, if you feel so inclined! I can’t guarantee a prompt response (Bobby), but know that they are read and appreciated!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

P.S. Mom, I didn’t get the package yet, but I have a suspicion that it’s waiting for me in the Zone Leaders’ car. Also, I’ve got some weird requests for what to include in the next package you send. If you could send me a ring sizer (you’ve got a few, right?), some pliers (jewelry ones), and a rabbit pelt (aren’t they like $4 at craft stores?). They would be very much appreciated. Don’t ask, don’t tell, amiright? Love y’all.

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