Wednesday, March 19, 2014


17 March 2014

Hello paternals, fraternal, and extended “-ernals”!

This has been an excellent week. Elder Jolley and I have seen a lot of miracles and a lot of good things happening. Also, it’s warm! Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what warm is. I think it’s hovering around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which pre-mission Eli would definitely not categorize as warm. Acclimatization!

Here’s the miracle of the week. A few weeks ago, Elder Jolley and I got a media referral, which basically means someone put their information onto one of our websites asking for a visit or a free book, and if they’re in our area we get their information texted to us. This media referral listed their name as “Pill Bojandies”, with the comment “Praise cheeses.” It seemed like it had a legit phone number and address, but we just ignored it and figured someone was messing with us.

On Friday, we had an appointment on the other side of our area, and since we’re bussing it was a big time commitment. Well, en route our appointment cancelled, so we were at the other side of our area and we needed something productive to do. Elder Jolley suggested we go and try Pill, since we were around the area of the address. We hunted down the house, knocked on the door, and a young man answered. He had glasses and shoulder-length hair. We told him we got some information sent to us, and that this was the address. He said, “Oh yeah! I requested a free copy of the book!” We asked him if he was Pill or even Phil, and he said, “Oh, no, I just didn’t want to include my real information. I’m Jacob.” He invited us inside where we met his mother and brother, and their Shih-Tzu puppy named Ellie. They were all so nice! And normal! Elder Jolley and I had a hard time remembering the last time we encountered normal.

We had an excellent discussion about the church and what we do, and they agreed to have us in their home the next day to teach them! We came back on Saturday, and Jacob was the only one we taught, but we had an amazing lesson! He’s so sharp and on top of things, and he grasps doctrine really easily. He had lots of great questions for us, and after we answered all of them, he told us we were exactly who he wanted to talk to. He seemed to not only have a full understanding of what we taught (which never happens), but he actually seemed to agree with it! We’re going back in a few days to teach again, and by then hopefully he will have read some of the Book of Mormon, and hopefully his family will want to sit in too! So amazing. Even Pill Bojandies needs the gospel.

Thank you all for your love and support! I pray for you constantly. Hooray for rabbit pelts! Thanks for keeping me posted on things that could seem negative or scary. So much better than being caught off guard! My love is especially with all suffering family members. Hang in there! Trust in the Lord and the power of His Atonement! Read Moroni 7:41. Do it! Love you all!

Keep the faith,

Elder Webb

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