Wednesday, March 19, 2014


12 March 2014

Hello family!

You’ll excuse the lateness of my email (or you won’t. Whatever). Things are often busy and inconsistent in the life of a missionary (this missionary, at least), and one learns to roll with the punches. It’s been a pretty good week! Nothing life-changing, but things are still happening! We’re meeting with our investigators, getting new ones, working with less-actives and doing good service! We’re encouraged to have weekly service in the community, and when I came to Coronation there wasn’t any that had been established with the previous companionship, so we didn’t really know where to start. Elder Konecki and I still did some service, but it wasn’t ever weekly or scheduled. Once I got with Elder Jolley we started finding some opportunities, so now we have weekly service at the Food Bank and at the local Salvation Army store. It’s nice to change things up every now and again.

The ward is wonderful. Our weekly attendance is probably around 150. We’ve got great auxiliary leaders, especially our ward mission leader. He’s got an excellent gospel fire burning within him. We’re blessed to have him. The babies in the ward keep being born, and they’re only getting cuter. It’s maddening. I get away with whatever I can, meaning I’ll plonk one of them next to me on the couch and have them propped up by me. I’ve got such creepy baby syndrome. Elder Jolley loves babies too, which is fun. Elder Konecki didn’t really understand why I was so weird.

We’ve got five investigators currently (and I use that term loosely). Toby, Karen, David and Kathy you’ve heard of (I hope). Now we’ve got Rob on that list. Rob was referred to us by a member, so we called and he said he’d love to meet. We went over to his apartment, but we ended up going over to the United Church a few blocks away where they were holding a free community dinner. Elder Jolley and I didn’t know what to expect, because oftentimes people at other churches put their guard up, but that wasn’t the case at all. Everyone there was so nice and welcoming, and a few of the volunteers had Mormon relatives, “Oh, I’ve got a nephew in Spain!” and “I’ve got six Mormon grandchildren from one Mormon son.” They do those dinners monthly, so now Elder Jolley and I are going to go back as volunteers. There are good people everywhere! We’re seeing how interested Rob really is, and I suppose only time will tell. Out of those investigators, David and Toby are the only ones that have come to church, and David is the only one that has stayed all three hours. We’ve just got to get all of them to take the next step.

Sorry I haven’t mentioned poutine. It’s pretty good! I’ve never purchased it for myself, and I think I’ve only had it from Wendy’s and Dairy Queen. Just not my scene, I suppose.

I don’t think I’ve had any crazy potato chips. I have had bacon, ketchup, baked potato and hot wing flavors, if those are crazy. Oh! How could I forget? I’ve had Maple Moose. It’s like a sweeter barbecue.

Thanks for your love and support! I’ll “talk” to you all next week!

Keep the faith,

Elder Webb

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