Monday, March 24, 2014


24 March 2014 
Familia and Friendilia,

Hello all! 
This week has been pretty good! Some ups, some downs, but all in all a grand time was had. Karen dropped us last Monday, which was a real drag. We had just set a baptismal date for her and everything! We think one of her friends got to her. Agency, amiright? We’re hoping that her member friend Shelly can stay in touch and hopefully rekindle some of that desire, but we aren’t going to worry about it too much. Sometimes, things are just out of our control. There’s no use wasting time and emotion over it.

The same day that Karen dropped us, however, we met with David. David has been wanting to get baptized, but his mom didn’t want him rushed into it (naturally). This time when we met we asked him to be baptized on April 12. He said yes, then we made him promise that he would talk to his mom about it ASAP so that we could get things going. We saw him the next day at scouts and asked him about it. Not only did he actually talk to his mom, but she said it was okay! Huzzah! So now we’re moving towards April 12 with alacrity.

We had our Zone Conference this week. Let me lay out some meetings for you. District Meeting happens every week on Thursday, unless something comes up. Zone Training Meeting happens once a month, and that involves training from the zone leaders and the sister training leaders. Zone Conference happens once every three months, and that’s when the mission president comes and addresses the missionaries and provides trainings. Trainings are also provided by the mission president’s wife, the assistants to the president, the zone leaders and the sister training leaders. Zone Conference is big. This was actually my first one because we switched mission presidents, then we had our Christmas Conference. It was great, but it was also looooong. We learned about some new initiatives and new standards of excellence for the mission, which is pretty exciting! The day after Zone Conference we had interviews with President Manion, and those went really well. It’s always good to have some one-on-one time with him. He really cares so much about us and he wants us to do our best. He’s an inspired man, and I’m lucky to have him for my entire mission.

I’ve been bad about taking pictures. Pray that I remember throughout the week to take some! I want to give you people what you want, but I totally forget. I am but a man, after all.

Thank you all for your love and support! Thanks for reading! Keep praying for me! Love you!

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb

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