Friday, November 14, 2014


Oh, the weather outside is becoming frightful, but the testimony-building experiences are so delightful...:

November 10, 2014 
Transfers happened this week, and I’m with Elder Babb now. He’s excellent, and I’m excited for the work we’re doing. We get along famously. Our zone is also excellent, and I’m grateful for the missionaries I get to serve around. It’s so strange to see missionaries who have been such a big part of my mission go home. Time goes so fast! I’m at 17 months now. Mind-blowing.

This was an excellent week! We had Travis’ baptism, and it went so well! It just so happens that his baptism fell on the day of the first snowfall (son of a), so there were a lot of accidents and delays. When it came down to it, everything went of without a hitch. He asked me to baptise him, and a good time was had by all. Sunday was crazy. First, we had Travis’ confirmation during sacrament meeting. He asked me to do the confirmation as well, so I felt blessed. It was special to officiate in both ordinances. Then we had the opportunity to give Jordan the Aaronic Priesthood during priesthood, and he asked me to do that for him! Giving blessings is interesting. Jordan’s ordination was a lot different from Skyler’s. They’re both doing really well. After church a sister in the ward asked for a blessing, so we did that for her, then my companion and I were asked to give three more blessings after that! All in all, I participated in six blessings on Sunday, and I was the voice for four of them. I don’t know what it was with that day, but I’m grateful for the power of the priesthood and the opportunities we have to serve with it. The Church is true!

By the way, I say “the Church is true” as comical aside quite frequently... I don’t know why, but it’s caught on, and now a number of members and missionaries with whom I have the pleasure of spending time also say it, and it’s become sort of a mantra for our little gang. I’d say it gets a good laugh 90% of the times I use it, and at least a knowing chuckle the other 10%. Totally worth it.

The temperature has plummeted since yesterday. We went from a balmy -7 degrees Celsius [19° F] to a less-balmy -24 degrees Celsius [-11° F]. Jinkies. That’s snot-freezing cold, for you folks at home. Luckily I know a thing or two about Canadian winters; and I know that as long as you’ve got some Helly Hansen thermals, some deer hide mitts and sheer grit and determination, you’ll be just fine. A car also helps.

Dad and Mom, when I Skype/Face Time it will be on Christmas Day. I don’t know exactly when during the day it will be, but I’m pretty flexible. We’ve got all of Christmas Day off. I’ll provide more info as it gets closer.

I love my mission and this gospel. I’m grateful for the frequent opportunities for growth and change. I hope to continue to grow and change to become the missionary and man my Heavenly Father would have me become. Thank you all for reading and writing! I love you (probably) and I hope you’re happy (definitely). The Church is true!

Keep the faith,
Northern Elder Webb

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