Thursday, November 27, 2014


The post itself has nothing specific to do with the holidays, but today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and Elder Eli’s father is just now getting to the posting of the goods:


I pray for your health and well-being. I myself am in good health, and I’d say that my being is pretty well. I’ll let you know if anything changes.
Travis’s baptism day

Jordan’s baptism day
This was a great week. They go by so fast! Honestly. On Tuesday we had our zone conference! It was great. I love being able to interact with President Manion. He is an inspired man, and he really loves his missionaries. There were two zones participating in this conference, and for part of it we split into our individual zones and the zone leaders had the opportunity of giving a training on the Atonement. The goal was to help missionaries get a better idea of how to make the Atonement a bigger part of their teaching, and Elder Babb and I agreed that the most important part of teaching the Atonement is having your own personal conversion first. So our training centered on obtaining a personal testimony of the Atonement, then translating that to helping those we meet obtain one for themselves. I feel like it went well!

Other than zone conference there wasn’t anything unorthodox about our week. Just a lot of teaching and interacting! Oh! We do have a new investigator. Her name is Jennifer. She was referred to us by a member. Currently, she’s learning from us because she’s doing a report for school, but she really likes what we have to say, and she even came to church! She’s awesome. What’s weird, though, is that now our three investigators are named Jody, Jessica, and Jennifer. What’s up with that? Hopefully the streak will be broken tomorrow when we meet with a new potential named Xavier. Fingers crossed!

Also, Travis received the priesthood on Sunday! I was able to perform the ordinance, and it was a special experience! I think what I liked especially about it was that I was able to take Travis through the entire process, up to this point. I was able to baptise and confirm him, then I was able to give him the priesthood! I know that that’s not what it’s about at all, but I do consider myself blessed to have been so involved. The church is true!

I’m grateful for my mission and for the experiences I’m having! I love this gospel, and I can’t imagine what I would do without the light and hope that it provides! I found an excellent quote by my fourth-great-grandfather, Parley P. Pratt, so I’ll close with that:

“And when the Spirit of God is upon me, I think it matters but very little what I suffer, what I sacrificed–whether I secure the honor or dishonor of men, or where I die, if it so be that I can keep the faith, fight the good fight, and finish my course with joy. I have all eternity before me, in which to enjoy myself.”

Keep the faith,
Elder Webb
Thanks to a member’s tickets AND a willing investigator
(mission rules)

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